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There are various job opportunities available for international students studying in Canada, which they can be doing alongside their studies. Many international students rely on these part-time jobs in order to pay the bills and costs of their studies, even while studying. Most of these part-time jobs only require you to work in the evenings and/or weekends, while others are more flexible and may allow students to carry on with their entire study schedule.

These are just a few of the best jobs in Canada for students. These offer many additional opportunities that offer the skill building, flexibility, and experiences that require less stress and which students need. By maintaining a job while you study to complete your degree, you can build your resume and develop more critical professional abilities which you can draw upon as you advance in life.

In this article, we shall be unveiling a list of ten excellent part-time jobs that international students studying in Canada can earn even while studying.

Some of the Jobs for students in Canada include:


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Uber is a ride-share company that connects drivers with riders through a smartphone app.

Uber driving is one of the most popular jobs available for students today and it is a fun job that one can work whenever they are willing to do so. For one to be an Uber driver, you must have a smartphone, be up to age 21 and have a dependable car.

It is very important to note that the most popular hours to work in Uber driving are early mornings, evenings, and weekends.

The pay also depends on how frequently the drives and if in a large city with vast student population, just as it is with a bartender at the bar, there will be more drive calls during weekends, all you have to do is be willing and remain consistent and you will be fine!


A bartender is one who attends to and serves people in bars and clubhouses. It is the most common job for most students which can be mostly due to the flexible nature of the job. Although, many a time, it requires that you work both nights and weekends.

A bartender earns a minimum of CAD$11.00 hourly and also receives tips, which could be anywhere between $75.00 and $200.00 a night and possibly even more, depending on the sales. Tips depend on the establishment, time of day, and day of the week, although the standard tipping rate in Canada is between 15% and 20%. If you choose to bartend or serve in a city that has a large population of students, there is a high chance that the establishment will be very busy on weekends, which means more work and a long night as well as more tips.


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A sales assistant is a person employed to greet and attend to customers, answer their questions, assist them in ways they need assistance, take stock of merchandise, help maintain display areas, etc. A sales assistant assists the sales personnel and can run errands for work-related concerns. He or she may be also responsible for recording sales, taking inventory, and managing cash registers, as well as carrying out any other assignment as given.

This is a great job available for students, with which they can earn some cash even while studying, especially when the city centers and towns are filled with people who want to shop. The payment for this job is around CAD$12.42–CAD$50.00 and higher and largely depends on where you work, be it a supermarket, boutique, or corner shop. However, whatever the case may be, the pay is very steady and as some businesses offer commission-based sales, you as the sales assistant can make some small commissions.

To work as a sales assistant, you should be great at talking to people and be a people person. Working as a salesperson can provide you with the funds and flexibility you desire, as well as a variety of transferable skills.


If you enjoy teaching others, if you have an interest in certain subjects, you could become a tutor, tutoring can be great for you. You can tutor students in either elementary school or at the university or college level, or anywhere in between. Also, you can choose to either join a tutoring program to do this or you can do it independently. This will avail you the opportunity to become more developed, learn new things and practice the skills you already have, as you’ll be getting teaching experience and at the same time, helping out other students.

As a tutor, you can be of any age, what matters is that you can teach a subject very well. You could teach the students subjects like science, math, English, etc. If you work with an agency, depending on their requirements, you may have to get a high school diploma, college degree, or teaching certificate, as the case may be.

The pay is most times dependent on the nature of the subject you are teaching and it is usually between CAD$15.00–CAD$20.00 per hour, especially if the subject is a difficult one. To become a tutor, you should do some research to be sure of the rates you would charge for your services.


This involves spending time with children and caring for them. It is generally providing childcare. You can be a part-time nanny even as a student. You could be of help to parents who seek assistance with their children, which could in terms of preparing meals for them, organizing extra-curricular activities for them, entertaining them, picking them up from school, putting them to sleep, overseeing playtime, etc. the pay for caregivers/nannies is about CAD$14.67 per hour.


As a swim instructor, you teach people how to swim and feel comfortable in deep water. This you will do through hands-on training, simulations, and demonstrations. As a swim instructor, you may teach or instruct a class of students through private one-on-one lessons and the pay is around $17.06 per hour.

This is another valid job preference for you as a student, which you could do part-time alongside your studies.


A barista is one who works at a restaurant or a coffee shop, greeting customers, taking orders, and preparing and serving hot and cold beverages such as tea and coffee. He or she also cleans work areas and areas where customers seat, manages cash registers as well as sanitizes the utensils and equipment. Coffee shops really love to hire students because of their flexible schedules and most students too love working in coffee shops! This is because the environment is enjoyable, and although this is one of the low-paying jobs on our list (CAD$11.41 per hour), it still has its bonuses. You could choose to work at a place like Starbucks, where students receive impressive perks that can make working there worthwhile.


As a research assistant, you will be expected to collect data, analyze them and prepare materials for researchers to aid their work. They may also help submit research works to granting agencies and foundations, perform administrative tasks for the research project leaders, and manage project correspondences. The pay is around $15.27 per hour.


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This job also gives you as a student the opportunity to be more conversant with school work and be exposed to project research works and experiments. It will give you more exposure and make studying more interesting as well.


A translator converts messages and texts from one language into another while conveying the tone, style, and intent of the text in order for the receiver to receive and understand the message. A translator can either work for an agency (an organization) or be a freelancer (work independently). The pay is around $27.03 per hour.

You can get a part-time job as a translator if can speak, read, and write in different languages very fluently. Knowing a second, third, or fourth language places you as a certainly good translator! These additional skills serve as added advantages as you may be involved in working on documents, facilitating written and verbal communication between individuals, etc.


As a student, you can be a freelance proofreader or editor, if you love being very detailed and are a great writer, catching errors and making corrections. A proofreader corrects syntax, grammar, and punctuation errors and ensures that everything flows smoothly in a piece of text or writing. In proofreading and editing, you do not need any previous experience, simply apply for freelance jobs and demonstrate your writing and editing skills. As you do and complete more jobs, it will be easier to build up your portfolio and get more clients.


In looking for a job as a student;

  • Search for a job that you are certainly interested in and are great at, something you would love to wake up to each work day and be motivated to do.
  • Ensure it fits your schedule/plans for studies. It is wise and important to let your employer know you are a student and ensure it fits your schedule and is a flexible job that pays you well so that you would be able to pay your tuition, student loans, or any other expense of yours.
  • You should also ensure the job should be capable of teaching you foundational skills that you will need to know as you assume roles in the future.
  • Ensure your resume is up-to-date and in it highlights your best abilities, abilities, and previous volunteer, work, or extracurricular experience if you do not have much experience, highlight your transferrable skills and show your employers how it relates to the job you are applying for.

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