How to write a perfect Abstract for your project research

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An abstract is a summary of the research work. It is the door and the window by which a reader can understand in clear terms, the purpose of project research. This synopsis tells an entire story about research work.

To a very great extent, the validity and the depth of research work can be exposed through the abstract. 

An abstract is very important because it portrays the control and authority the researcher has over the study. This is because a perfect abstract is an expression of the researcher’s understanding of the study. 


If a researcher is unable to write a perfect abstract for his research work, it can be deduced that the researcher does not fully understand his research-work and therefore the findings of his study can be queried.

In this article, we are going to learn how to write a perfect abstract. But first, we have to note the content of a perfect abstract. A perfect abstract should not be less than 150 words and it should be written conversationally. 

This is because an abstract is met by people of different academic background and as such the language should be simple to comprehend.

However, there could be some exceptions for disciplines whose jargon may not be excused.

Now, what are the content of a perfect abstract for your project research?

There are three basic contents of a perfect abstract. These includes:

Research Problem

Any perfect abstract should be able to communicate the problem of the research. This is because research is an inquiry and thus the audience should be able to know what exactly is the purpose of carrying out the research. 

A perfect abstract in explaining the research problem does this simply by clearly stating the objectives of the study. This will guide the expectation of the research audience.


A perfect abstract after stating the aim of the study and its core focus should be able to explain the various research process adopted or employed in carrying out the project research.

It is at this point that the research audience would be able to evaluate the reliability of the project research. It should be noted that the methodology must not be unwieldy. Rather it should state in clear terms the procedures adopted for the study.


A perfect abstract must contain the findings of the research work. This is because the research audience is interested in a solution and therefore, the findings of research work are as important as the problem of research work. 

It is the findings expressed in an abstract that will determine the usefulness of research work to the research audience.

Furthermore, a perfect abstract can as well define the scope of the study. This is because some study is quite large in scope that the researcher would prefer to study a part rather than the whole. 


This implies that an abstract should be able to define the scope of the study. The importance of this attribute is that it allows the research audience to quickly identify the limitation of the study and hence creates room for further researches.

What does a perfect abstract look like?

In this article, I have written three abstract pieces on different topics to enable you to understand more of a perfect abstract.

It should be noted that there is no outlined pattern for a perfect abstract but the three contents listed above must of necessity be present in a perfect abstract.


The progression of digital marketing in business parlance can be termed a geometric progression. This is because of its wide reach in a short space. This project research was undertaken to examine the effect of digital marketing on the performance of small and medium scale enterprises. The study aimed to determine the relationship that exists between the adoption of digital marketing by small and medium scale enterprises and their productivity level. This study was carried out in Lagos state metropolis and enrolled SMEs that have adopted digital marketing in their business. The study employed a survey research design. A total of 80 SME operators in Lagos state were enrolled in the study. The study employed the use of a structured questionnaire to elicit responses from the respondents. The study analyzed the responses using the percentage counts and tested the hypothesis using regression analysis. The findings from the study reveal that digital marketing improves SMEs’ visibility and has a positive impact on SMEs’ performance. The study recommended the training of the existing workforce for improved application of Digital marketing expertise as some of the organizations are not up to date on digital marketing trends and activities.


The presence of malaria parasite infection can be described as a reoccurring situation in Africa. The part of Nigeria that suffers from this parasite majorly is the rural parts of the country. This is because they have little or no access to adequate and proper medication. This study was therefore carried out to investigate the prevalence of malaria parasite infection among rural area dwellers with specific attention on school-aged children. This study was conducted in Ibillo, Akoko-Edo LGA in Edo state in Nigeria. The study adopted the descriptive survey method of research design. A total of 150 pupils and 15 teachers were enrolled in this study. The findings from the study reveal that malaria parasite infection in the rural areas has a positive relationship with nutritional factors, socioeconomic status of residents and awareness level. The study recommended that the school management in partnership with the state government should endeavor to provide a healthy environment for her pupils. This will help in curbing the risk associated with the infection. Furthermore, the study recommended quick help to pupils that show signs of malaria infection. 


This study aimed to investigate the theme of corruption in post-colonial African novels. Specifically, the study assessed the concepts of realism in witness to tears by Gimba Abubakar and the realism in A Man of the People by Chinua Achebe. The purpose of this literal investigation was to portray corruption in post-colonial Africa. The study adopted a contextual appraisal method. A library or exploratory research design was employed to assess the various themes assembled in the novel. From the findings analyzed in witness to tears; the message of the text was that acquisition of wealth through dubious means results in the destruction of both the perpetrators and their family members who might be innocent. 

It analyzes the desperation of corrupt people in ensuring that they appear good to the public but continue to hatch evil eggs. The findings in the novel a man of the people reveal the corrupt practices in post-colonial Nigeria.

The characters were constructed within a particular environment and in a particular historical phase. They recreated their history, whether living in a traditional community or resisting European colonialism. The findings further reveal that the fact that Nigeria is now free from colonial rule, it has continued to witness the exploitation of the general population in a new form. The imperialists have been replaced by new rulers, and the general population has no choice but to suffer and continually look forward to a new and better government. The study concluded that the writings of the authors were aimed at awakening the consciousness of the masses to the realities of their circumstances.


In as much as writing a perfect abstract can be simple, the researcher has to have a full grasp of his/her study and should be able to communicate the same to the research audience. 

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Your abstract is a doorway to your research work and you must ensure that this doorway is wide enough to accommodate your audience. If you need to hire a writer to write a perfect abstract for your research work, visit our website 

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