How to win big in your part-time job as a full-time student

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Having a part-time job as a full-time student can be stressful. The worry of keeping up with your academics and managing a business is overwhelming. 70% of students who have a part-time business find it difficult to keep up with their academics. 

At the end of the day, you’d discover that most students are having poor grades due to poor time management. With all these in place, we can’t help but wonder if students should have a part-time job or business.

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Should students work while in school?

Most students find it difficult to raise money while in school. School bills and high cost of living coupled with luxury can lead to financial stress. Working while school in Africa can be overwhelming. Going to classes daily to completing your assignment is always time-consuming.

As a student, it is important to have a good financial plan for the semester. Depending on your guardian for funding can be overwhelming. It is important to create an income stream. The big question now is, should students work while in school?

Depending on your department, working while schooling is exhausting and time-consuming. You will have to learn how to balance your studies and a part-time job.

The reason while you are in school is to learn and come out top of your class. But developing some marketable skills as a student is vital. The world is changing and as a student, your goal is to develop marketable skills.

7 Best part-time jobs for full-time students

Freelance photographer

Freelance photographer’s job is to take creative photos of people, landscapes, and lifestyles. you need to learn how to use digital cameras and pieces of equipment. You must learn how to use various creative editing tools for most productivity.

To outshine your competitors you need to learn how to capture and edit photos and videos. According to payscale, the average freelance hourly pay is $25.35.

Freelance photography jobs have two sides. The creative side and also the business side. It’s not about taking pictures, you need to learn how to develop a business mindset.

Social media Assistant

As a social media assistant, your job is to create social media campaigns and track analytics. Social media assistant works with the marketing department. Your daily job is to create marketing campaigns that lead to conversions.

Social media assistant handles social media posts. They handle marketing campaigns and updates on various social media channels. Most times they prepare reports based on analytics.

There are factors to succeeding in this field of social media marketing. You need to have excellent communication skills. eagerness to learn about new innovations and marketing software is key. Excellent knowledge of various social media platforms.

The world of social media is always changing, as a social media Assistant, you need to be creative always. Also, businesses need to develop a strategy on how to engage with your audience. According to the average salary for a social media assistant is $16. Developing marketable skills is vital for students.


Remote Tutor

The world online is equal to young people moving to learn new things. You can start offering service online to people who need help with what you are good at.

let us say you are good at mathematics, you can help high school students with mathematic.

WordPress theme developer

WordPress powers 35% of the blogs and websites online. Some company’s official websites are all hosted on WordPress. As a developer, you can develop WordPress themes for businesses. Themeforest is a good place to sell at affordable prices and make profits.

People are in need to establish their presence online. This drives high demand for WordPress themes.

Do you have Html CSS and creative design skills? Then you should consider investing your time in building beautiful WordPress themes.

Professional résumé writing

Job seekers want to stand out, they want to impress the hiring managers. Helping job seekers review and rewrite their cv can be a job.

Most hiring managers complain about the kind of resume they receive during hiring. Certain positions need certain vitals. Developing good writing and editing skills can make a student a good fortune.

Sell your own product

Are there skills you have learned before going to school? Skills like fashion design, shoemaking, bag making, and lots more can be money-generating.

You can be a vendor on Instagram and Facebook. These platforms have a large number of users. You can use these platforms to grow your brand and attract patronage.

Video producer

Youtube has powered many video marketing skills. Developing skills in video editing can make a student more cash while schooling. Video production is a creative business idea. But, this comes with a lot of creativity and challenges.

As a video producer, you can make a whole lot of bucks from your services. people want to learn new things. Top brands are investing billions of dollars on videos to attract customers. The video industry is relevant to business as the world is changing.

The Benefits of Part-time jobs for Full-time Students

Work experience

Having a parttime job either online-based or offline is very important for students. These skills can help you gain work experience.

Hiring managers want someone who has little knowledge of the job. Let’s take social media management, for instance. Can you help small businesses with an online presence? Then there is a huge possibility of your brand management ability.

Marketable skills are very important, but having work experience is way more important. While on campus you can gain work experience by utilizing your skills.

Extra income

One of the benefits of having a part-time job as a student is that it can give you extra income. When you have extra income, you can solve a lot of problems while in school.

It can help you sort out your textbooks, feeding and even your assignment. Having marketable skills is important. but turning your skills into a money-making tool will do more than building you up.


When you have a part-time job, you will learn how to budget and manage your finance. You will also learn how to track your finance and keep records of your spendings.

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How To Completely Manage Your Part Time Job And Full-Time Study

Balancing your parttime job and the school can be exhausting and time-consuming. Most times you will feel like giving up and not taking any step, don’t worry you are not alone.

Here are 5 ways you can manage work and school.

Set long-term goals

You need to set goals on what you want to achieve in school and money-wise. Also most important you need to work towards achieving your goals.


Build a working time-table

It is normal to have a working timetable. Do you run an online business or a freelance based business? You need to have a solid working timetable and learn to stick to it. Know when to focus on your studies and when to focus on your business. When you start making huge profits as a student entrepreneur distraction can set in. Keeping a working timetable will make you stay organized.

Learn to communicate

Communication is the backbone of every business. As a student, you need to learn how to communicate. If you are stuck learn to ask for help from your colleagues. Spend time talking to those who understand better than you. Learn new ways on how to balance your study and your business.

Find the right work

In school, there are lots of business opportunities out there for young people. When you are in school you see a lot of things you can fix and generate revenue from. Choosing the right business can bring balance to your studies.

Learn to separate business and school

The reason why you are in school is to learn and be a better person. Acquiring marketable skills is also important.

But you must learn how to separate your business and your study. Don’t use the time for school to focus on your business, learn to stick to your time-table.


Balancing study and work can prove difficult. It is advisable to develop marketable and time-management skills while in school. This can prepare you for what’s ahead of you when you graduate from school. The society needs smart and creative individuals. Acquiring a marketable skill will put you at the top of the chart.

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