Choosing a project topic can be exciting or tasking depending on the kind of student you are. This is because different students perceive project writing in different ways.

Their perception and performance thereafter are further influenced by the nature of the research they choose to conduct and the supervisor assigned to them.  Whether you are in the category of students who are excited to begin their project or you belong to my class that felt project writing should be eliminated, there are some common mistakes students make when choosing a project topic.

1. Choosing your friend’s topic

I did this too. While my friend got his three topics on IPSAS, I felt I should get one from him and get the rest from other guys. After all, we had different supervisors. While this may be a smart move, in project writing it is a mistake. This is because you may likely not know why your friend chose those topics. For the fact that your friend chose it doesn’t make it the best fit.  Be responsible for your study by choosing your project topic.

2. Choosing a popular topic

This can reduce your project writing to essay writing. 

Essay writing is simply revising what other people have done on a subject and agreeing with an argument based on facts. Research is a systematic inquiry and when a subject has been addressed, re-echoing a topic makes little research sense. It will only be valid for you to choose a popular topic if you have something new to offer.

3. Neglecting your interest

Choose a topic of your interest no matter how odd it may sound. Neglecting your area of interest for whatever reason reduces your drive for research. 

If you have an interest in sports and you are an accounting student, don’t find it awkward to conduct accounting research on sports. 

All you need is the right research skills to get it done.

4. Starting alone

While it is your responsibility to get your project topic, you can’t do it alone perfectly. This is because you have a little idea of what could be the best. Meet and discuss with your project supervisor before settling with any topic. 

Spare yourself some frustration by discussing your topic with an intelligent colleague. Their input can be helpful. 

You can meet with iproject research partners for assistance in choosing the right project topic.

5. Poor due diligence

Read more about your topic before deciding to settle for it. Ensure to find out if there are academic resources on the topic that will help you deliver good writing.